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Professional Profile

I am presently employed full time and I do freelance on the weekends. I am industrious, self-motivated, and goal driven individual with demonstrated abilities in Web Programming, Open Source, Database Design, and Systems Analysis. Recognized for responsiveness, strong team-oriented focus, excellent research skills and attention to detail. I also do web programming for inter-office web applications, basic cms systems, human resource management systems and collaboration with other programmers.


Information Technology - Bachelor of Science

At Slippery Rock University my major focus was on programming business applications for the web. 3.6 GPA in my major and I graduated in 2003. Where I was President of the Honor Society for the Computer Sciences Upsilon Pi Epsilon. As well as President of the Computer Technology Club. Vice President of Bard Hall student Government. Tutored programming for the United States Veterans Administration. I interned with American Software Systems building an online classified ad publishing system for managing listings, clients and staff.

Also while at Slippery Rock I had the opportunity to do professional presentations. I presented for local businesses demonstrating a multi-user online application for image morphing creating movie and graphics effects. Also thanks to Slippery Rock I enjoyed learning in the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Lab as well as designing and building my own robot for demonstrations with the Computer Technology Club.

Slippery Rock University is a unique university focused on student learning and exploration beyond the classroom with professors. Through the Computer Science Department, I worked with Mainframes and scripting in the REXX programming language with the Slippery Rock IT staff. I worked with a local school to create a web database application for online community building with their students and teachers. And while at SRU I gained work experience working in the computer labs and running my own computer repair service.


Below is a short visual portfolio that is limited to sites I have worked on that are published publicly on the web.

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Technical Skills

Advanced, 3 years

Top to Bottom Web Development

- Photoshop designing and working with designers
- Integrating video, Flash CS4, Promotional videos and Photography
- Server setup and FTP permissions for client and production accounts.
- Multiple platforms: HTML, LAMP, CodeIgniter, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, ASP
- Search Engine Marketing: Social Media, News and Article Marketing, Video Promotions
- Building websites into Facebook using applications like iwipa
- Automating site conversion for large websites such as Joomla to other web systems
- Experienced htaccess and routing expert supporting content and link juice

Expert, 11 years

Programming in PHP Enviroments

- Full Websites, templates and widget development
- Form processing, Form Feedback, Logins, Sessions, CAPTCHA, Customer Routing
- PHP MySQL Database setup and database driven websites
- Building Reporting tools, CMS interfaces
- Integrating third party apps
- RSS parsing and layout

Advanced, 2 years

Search Engine Marketing

- Keyword Research for products and business markets
- Managing PPC campaigns
- Managing Organic keyword promotions and white hat marketing strategies
- Social Media Marketing
- Article Marketing
- Video Marketing
- Promotion of content using rich snippets for icons in search results
- Managing media distribution networked websites and related accounts
- Monitoring Marketing Return On Investment ROI
- Researching openings to branch into new markets

Expert, 11 years

JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS

- JavaScript - Script development for form widgets, AJAX
- JavaScript - Building menu applications
- JavaScript - Debugging third party menu applications
- JavaScript - Integrating third party applications
- JavaScript - Building custom modal boxes for forms and content
- JavaScript - Integrating LightBox modal box functions
- JavaScript - Integrating jQuery functions
- JavaScript - Interacting with Flash and Flash interacting with JavaScript
- Html/JavaScript - Anchoring overlay content into flowing html
- HTML cross browser content positioning
- HTML/CSS general cross browser compatibility
- HTML/CSS cross browser debugging for layering and other issues
- XML sitemaps, parsing XML data for ip-geo information
- Keeping up to date with newer specifications including HTML5

Expert, 11 years


- Database Design, data dictionary definitions and table layouts
- MySQL PHPMyAdmin, Microsoft Access, Some FileMaker, Learning Oracle
- Writing SQL queries for Linux and Microsoft Databases
- Implementing extractions and segmentation for large pools of data
- Writing code to interact, write and report to database
- Writing scripts for exporting and importing to csv
- Programming for virtualised databases and other Abstract Normal Form databases

Advanced, 3 years

Web Development Environments

Expeririance using and writing plugin widgets for the following:
- LAMP and Notepad++, DreamWeaver, Codeigniter
- Joomla, Wordpress, some Drupal, some ASP, Some Flash CS4
- GIT, SVN (1 year)

Advanced, 3 years

Systems Analysis and Reporting

- Writing Process Documentation for ISO9000
- Writing project proposals and specifications
- Project planning and ROI analysis
- Programming systems for data reporting and Human Resources with Access
- General production reporting with Excel, Some experience with Crystal Reports

Advanced, 6 years

Programming and Computing Skills

- C, C++, some C#, used for motor controllers, image morphing and general widgets
- Python, for web applications
- CGI, Perl, AWK, for text processing
- visual basic programming for database data entry, search features and reporting.
- XP, Windows 7, Linux / Unix, Some MAC skills
- Setting up computers, Computer repair, debugging
- Command line processing and file management such as for formatting terabyte video libary backups
- Familiarity with GoldMine email system
- System backups and ghosting
- Network setup and email mangement

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