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There are other people named Michael Casper, there are thousands of us! Welcome to Michael Casper's page about other Michael Casper's. Below are some links and info about other people named Michael Casper that I have corresponded with.

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  • Michael Casper was born in Melbourne Australia on march 29th 1942. I am a 4th generation Australian my ancestors being convicts sent to van demans land (Tasmania) in the 1850's
    My mother's family came to Australia from Glasgow Scotland in the years before the 2nd world war. we have 3 sons, a daughter and 13 grandchildren all living in Melbourne. I hope this is of interest to you
    18 Findon Avenue
    Caulfield North Vic 3161
    Phone: (03) 9500 1551
    Fax: (03) 9500 1552
  • Michael I. Casper Meteorites, Inc. Buying, Selling, Trading and Appraising meteorites Meteorites come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Here you can buy these celetial jems from outerspace. He has a photo-gallery of space rocks, iron meteorites, silica and carbon. Meteorites move pretty fast, so check them out while supplies last!
  • Michael I. Casper Rare Coins Inc. Michael has an eye for value and lasting wealth. Here he sells rare coins that have changed hands for thousands of years. These coins have lasting value and are a part of history. Buy one now and you can be a part of their history!
  • Mike Casper Productions - Photgraphy A true renaissance man whos Ithaca New York photography skills are worth seeing and paying for. Great photos!
  • Michael Casper Stamps We, along with Stamp Auction Network, are committed to bringing you a pleasant auction experience. You will be able to bid directly over the internet; by telephone or fax; by mail; through Purser & Associates; and, of course, in person here in Ithaca, New York on our auction floor.
  • FBI Special Agent Michael Casper
  • Michael J. Kasper concentrates his litigation practice in trial and appellate litigation in the areas of constitutional law, voting rights, elections and issues related to the legislative process. He has argued cases before the Illinois Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and most of the Illinois appellate districts.
  • Michael Casper March on Washington 2005 Three Denver residents are forcibly removed from a town hall meeting with President Bush after Bush security personnel observed their car had a bumper sticker reading "No More Blood for Oil." The three obtained tickets for the invitation-only event through the office of Representative Bob Beauprez (R-CO).
  • Whitepages Michael Casper This list seems to never end!