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Penguin Plunge 2013:

for the Amelia Park Childens Museum

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Penguin Plunge For the Amelia Park Children’s Museum 2013:

Image Source: Me with Dog Costume plunging. Woof!

Pictures and video for the 2013 plunge into the chilly waters of Hampton Ponds. It warmed up to 11 degrees by 1:00 when plunging began, I was in Wave 2 and raised $165 dollars for the APCM. My costume was a dog with a big squeaky bone. I didn't win the costume content, but it's always fun to compete. The winner of the costume contest was a rocker with a guitar made of ice!

After I warmed up I took a video and got a great quote. A fellow plunger was yelling "Oh my god I hate my life right now!" before plunging into the water. She was just fine and it gave everyone a big laugh!

Quote: "Oh my god I hate my life right now!"

Oh my god I hate my life!

Image Source: Picture of the plunger who was screaming: "Oh my god I hate my life right now!"

Funny Video - Woman says: "Oh my god I hate my life right now!" - Penguin Plunge APCM Westfield MA 2013

I took this video and five seconds into the video a woman screams "Oh my god I hate my life right now!" as she runs into the freezing waters at Hampton Ponds State Park for the annual Penguin Plunge Event. I was in the first wave and it wasn't bad, you can only get so cold, but there is no limit to how much apprehension people can feel when we worry too much. This woman plunged in the 7th wave and I guess nerves were getting to her and she wanted to express what she was feeling. It made everyone laugh, she survived and was smiling afterwards.

Penguin Plunge News with me with Dog Hat in the video:

2013 Penguin Plunge - Patrick Berry filming a long video of the event:

Penguin Plunge held in Westfield - wwlp 22 News:

Penguin Plunge. Penguin Dancing Gangnam Style - Rick Shea:

More Pictures in the News:

Ice Guitar Rocker Guy 2013

Goldfish Girl 2013

The Westfield News - Plunge Photo Page 1

The Westfield News - Plunge Photo Page 1

The Westfield News - Plunge Photo Page 1

Swimmers Bare Frigid Temps for Penguin Plunge WGGB Springfield, MA - Jan. 26, 2013

Annual Penguin Plunge in Westfield to raise funds for Amelia Park Children's Museum 2013

Penguin Plunge has 150 hitting Hampton Ponds waters in Westfield as children's museum fundraiser 2013

My Penguin Plunge Pictures 2013:

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