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Hadley Garden Center

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Review of the Hadley Garden center

Review by Michael Casper 5/15/2012

The Hadley Garden Center gets a 10/10 for quality, variety and service. One of my many great experiences with them, today at closing time I was talking with their staff picking up White Clover seeds and delivering some extra Jerusalam Artichoke tuber plants. Even after a long day of hard work, they were a pleasure to visit and talk too.

What makes them the best garden center near Northampton?

The Hadley Garden has the best variety of garden plants, planters and garden supplies in the area. The offer a consistant wide variety of interesting and exotic plants. They have regular strawberries, decorative strawberries, apple trees fences, bay leaf bushes and just about anything you can think of for outdoor or indoor plants.

Their staff is filled with local experts on gardening, farming, native plants and landscaping. Many big box stores lack that personal touch local experts bring to a business. They are a pleasure to talk to, they are low presure and they always have great idea to share with you.

The hadley Garden Center gives back to the community in many ways. Every year they provide a bin for people to "take or leave" planters. They are the only garden center in the area who gives away free planters, encouraging recycling and making it much easier for people who want to build their own greenhouse. And at the end of the season Hadley Garden Center gives away flowers for free!

They are really amazing!